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The Georgian - South Ossetian Conflict



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When it was pronounced: "Let's go and destroy the bad people"
- the worst man began to sharpen his dagger
(Caucasian proverb)

Dissertation by Nikola Cvetkovski - supervisor Susanne Thorbek
Aalborg University

Table of Contents
1 Methodological Considerations and Formulation of the Problem
1.1 The Problems of the Thesis
1.2 Methodological Considerations
1.3 Method of Gathering Empirical Material

2 Nationalism and Ethnicity - A Theoretical Overview
2.1 The Genealogy of Nationalism
2.2 Nationalism as a Political Doctrine
2.3 Nationalism as a Modern Phenomenon
2.4 Nationalism as a Cultural Phenomenon
2.5 Nationalism as a Primordial Phenomenon
2.6 Ethnicity

2.7 Summing Up and Conclusions

3 The Dynamics of Ethnic Conflict
3.1 The Scene of Conflict
3.2 The Nature of Conflict
3.3 The Asymmetry of Conflict
3.4 A Life and Logic of its Own
3.5 The Security Dilemma
3.6 Ethnic Conflicts and Intra-State Conflicts
3.7 Summing Up and Conclusions

4 The Georgian-South Ossetian Conflict
4.1 Basic Facts
4.2 History
4.3 The Conflict
4.4 Combatants and the Nature of Warfare
4.5 The Present Situation

5 The Soviet Setting
5.1 Marxist-Leninist Theory on the Nationalities Question
5.2 The Soviet System of National self-determination
5.3 The Soviet Federal System
5.4 The Policy of Korenizatsiia

6 Discussion and Analysis

7 Conclusion

8 List of Literature

Appendix 1: Chronicle of Events of the Conflict, 1989-1992